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Our Curriculum


Religion is taught daily in each classroom and is integrated into all curriculum areas. In addition, students regularly participate in liturgies and para-liturgies during the school year. Opportunities for receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation are scheduled during Advent and Lent.

Sacramental programs are sponsored by the Religious Education program. Parents are required to enroll their child and attend all meetings. Parents are the primary educators of their children and are therefore obliged to see that their children participate at Mass weekly, and periodically receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

In accordance with our philosophy, we see our school environment as conducive to learning and living Christian values. Our religion program reflects the deep commitment, which the school has, to the formation of spiritual and moral growth in our students.

Human Sexuality Program

The Diocese of Wilmington has approved guidelines for programs in Human Sexuality and Family Living for all elementary grades. Immaculate Conception School integrates the Human Sexuality Program into the religion curriculum. Included in this program are drug abuse education, alcohol dependency education, and AIDS education.

Students in grades K through 8 are helped to look at life as a gift from God. The emphasis is upon an awareness and simple appreciation of creation in all forms: plant, animal, family, and self. In addition, students are encouraged to become more aware of their personal attitudes toward life, their value system, their dignity as persons, their normal physical and emotional development. Students are reminded that “what they are is God’s gift to them and what they become is their gift to God.” Guidelines are sent home before the program begins to encourage parental participation.

Language Arts Program

At Immaculate Conception School, we adhere to the Diocesan Language Arts Curriculum. Included in this area of learning are the following subjects:

. English grammar and composition
. Phonics in primary grades
. Penmanship
. Spelling
. Reading

In addition to the daily Language Arts curriculum, we encourage the students to participate in the following activities that enhance their learning:

. Diocesan Spelling Bee (grades 5 through 8)
. Declamation Contest (grades 5 through 8)
. Local and National Essay contests sponsored by Diocesan, religious, civic and national organizations

Mathematics Program

Emphasis is placed on basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; problem-solving; and critical thinking. Many supplementary materials are used throughout the grades to assist students to solve problems and learn concepts. Manipulative objects are used to help students master facts and concepts. We encourage parents to assist us in reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom by using “hands-on” materials at home with the children (card games, buttons, etc.)

Pre-Algebra and Algebra are offered to eighth-grade students.

Science Program

The Inquiry Approach and Scientific Method are used throughout the school. These approaches encourage the students to discover, to think for themselves, to weigh pros and cons, to interpret facts, and to do hands-on experiments. Students participate in lab classes where they are taught to prepare a lab report and analyze findings. To enhance the Science program, middle school students participate in a Science Fair sponsored by the school where creativity and originality emerge.

Social Studies Program

The major goals of the Social Studies Program are:

1. To learn and understand the five major disciplines:
. Geography/Ecology
. History/Current Events
. Anthropology/Sociology
. Political Science
. Economics

2. To develop a basic understanding of concepts through a foundation of knowledge from independent subjects.

Students keep informed of national and international events on a daily basis. At the middle school level, students are required to maintain a daily current events journal using television news, radio, newspapers, or the Internet.